ATG16L1 Monoclonal Antibody (20 μl)

ATG16L1 Monoclonal Antibody (20 μl)

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Product Category:   Knockdown Validated Monoclonal Antibody
Synonyms:   Autophagy Related 16 Like 1; Autophagy-Related Protein 16-1; APG16L; ATG16 Autophagy Related 16-Like 1 (S. Cerevisiae); ATG16 Autophagy Related 16-Like (S. Cerevisiae); APG16 Autophagy 16-Like (S. Cerevisiae); ATG16 Autophagy Related 16-Like 1; WD Repeat Domain 30;APG16-Like 1; APG16L Beta; ATG16A; ATG16L; IBD10; WDR30
UniProt Entry:   Q676U5 
NCBI Gene Entry:   55054 
Molecular Weight:   66, 68kDa 
Clonality:   Rabbit monoclonal antibody 
Species Reactivity:   Human
Applications:   WB
Recommended Dilution:   WB 1:1000
Immunogen:   Recombinant fragment of human ATG16L1
Isotype:   Rabbit IgG 
Storage Buffer:   Supplied in PBS (pH 7.5) containing 50 µg/ml BSA, 50% glycerol, and 0.01% sodium azide  
Storage:   At –20°C
Background:   ATG16L1 protein encoded by this gene is part of a large protein complex that is necessary for autophagy, the major process by which intracellular components are targeted to lysosomes for degradation. Defects in this gene are a cause of susceptibility to inflammatory bowel disease type 10 (IBD10). Several transcript variants encoding different isoforms have been found for this gene.
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