Cell Biology Reagents

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Key Features:  1. Exceptional high titers of virus production2. Equally good for very lo..
Features:  1. Superior transfection efficiency for a broad range of cell lines   &n..
Key Features: 1. Superior transfection efficiency for difficult-to-transfect cells    ..
Key Features: 1. Bio-degradable after endocytosis    2. Exceptional high titers of vi..
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Key Features:  • All-in-one formula: No protease/PTM inhibitors needed; no sonication required..
Key Features:  1. High sensitivity: detect low-picogram to high-femtogram amounts of tar..
Key Features: 1. High sensitivity: detect femtogram amounts of target protein on nitrocellulose..
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Key Features:  • Retains excellent signals even after 12th laser scanning • Inhibits photoblea..
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Key Features:   • Simplicity: Directly lyse cells in culture medium and measure luciferas..
Key Features:  • Simplicity: Reagents are simultaneously added, no wash steps are required• Spe..
Key Features:  • Broad application: Suitable for FFPE tissue, frozen tissue and cells • High s..
Key Features:  • Simple: Labeling is complete in two steps • Efficient: No denaturation ste..
Key Features:  • Superior performance: Bright, single-peak staining enables visualization of m..
Description:  Live cell studies of cellular DNA content and cell cycle distribution are us..
Key Features:  • LiFluor™ fluorescent dye has superior brightness and good photostab..
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