Human Fibroblast Growth Factor from Algae

Human Fibroblast Growth Factor from Algae

Green algae offers a unique production platform for human growth factors that addresses the pressing needs of the stem cell and regenerative medicine industries. Algae is fully capable of synthesizing and folding complex proteins and is inherently devoid of potential human pathogens. Furthermore, algae derived growth factors are endotoxin free. Numerous studies have demonstrated that the currently accepted “low levels” of endotoxin present in E. coli derived products are still too high for healthy stem cell growth.

In particular, the algae-derived Human Thermostable Basic Fibroblast Growth Factor (TS-bFGF) relieves scientists from the headache caused by the instability of bFGF, thus supporting the protocol of stem cell culturing without adding fresh bFGF to the medium daily.

Algae derived growth factors outperform those produced from any other platform, such as mammalian cells and bacterial systems, in both biosafety and stem cell well-being.

Key Features

• High Biosafety: human pathogens, pesticides and herbicides free
• Healthier Cells: no endotoxin
• High Activity: outperform market products, enhanced bFGF
• Flexibility: customized production to suit your species

Case Study

Figure 1: Enhanced bFGF show no loss of activity after 24 Hrs at 37°C Western blotted for phosphorylated ERK1/2 in ihPSC.

Figure 2: Endotoxin and morphology of NIH-3T3 cells.

Product Name
Cat. #
Human Acidic Fibroblast Growth Factor (aFGF)P00072100 µg$329 
Human Basic Fibroblast Growth Factor (bFGF)P00073100 µg$329
Human Thermostable Basic Fibroblast Growth Factor (TS-bFGF)P00074100 µg$559 

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