IntactProtein™ Cell-Tissue Lysis Kit

IntactProtein™ Cell-Tissue Lysis Kit

IntactProtein™ Cell-Tissue Lysis Kit includes a uniquely formulated protein lysis and extraction buffer mix. This innovative and proprietary reagent mix will greatly facilitate researchers to extract proteins of all sizes from both cultured mammalian tissues and cells.

Key Features

• All-in-one formula: No protease/PTM inhibitors needed; no sonication required.
• Ready-to-use protocol: Simply mix Reagents A&B; extraction in as little as 15 min.
• Ultimate solution for large proteins: Near-complete extraction; no fragmentation.
• Assurance and peace of mind: No loss of protein PTMs such as phosphorylation.
• All-around performance: Suitable for mammalian cells and tissues.

Customer Testimonials

"I was always having trouble dealing with extraction of large-sized proteins such as mTOR (MW 289) from cultured cells. My problem was that without sonication, the extraction efficiency of large proteins was low; with sonication, the large-sized proteins were fragmented into smaller-sized peptides. This dilemma was finally solved by using IntactProtein™ Cell-Tissue Lysis Kit. With this kit, I obtained excellent results without losing phosphorylation signals. Moreover, this kit was easy to use by simply mixing reagent A and B and lysing the cells for 15 min on ice."

------ Virginia Tech, Dr. Xue Tian, Research Fellow

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IntactProtein™ Cell-Tissue Lysis Kit415MFast, Simple, RobustFree Product

Case Study

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IntactProtein™ Cell-Tissue Lysis Kit415M50 ml

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