CRISPR/Cas9/gRNA (CRISPR-Cas RNA-Guided nuclease) is considered as the biggest breakthrough in genome editing technology after TALEN and ZFN. It precisely edits DNA through the RNA-directed Cas9 nuclease. Previous studies indicated that the on-target gene knockout rates were higher than that of TALEN and ZFN. Besides, the construction of sgRNA-Cas9 is easier and more convenient. It has been widely applied to animal and plant breeding, directed evolution, and the site-specific restoration of genetic diseases. Synbio offers the designing, construction and validation of CRISPR-Cas9 gene targeting system through our patent pending synthetic biology platform in a highly cost and time-effective approach. We offer one station solutions for CRISPR Cas9 projects, including genome scale gene targeting.

Service Options

Service Type
Turnaround Time
CRISPR-Cas9 sgRNA sequence design1-3 days
CRIPSR-Cas9 sgRNA plasmid construction3-4 weeks
CRIPSR-Cas9 sgRNA target verification5-6 weeks
CRIPSR-Cas9 stable cell lines construction3-4 months
CRIPSR-Cas9 stem cells3-4 months

How to order?

1. Download CRISPR/Cas9 Quotation Form
2. Fill out the form and send email to
3. Technical support will send you a quatation for your project in 12  hours
4. Call 1-240-715-2985 to place the order

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