Metagenomics Sequencing

Metagenomics Sequencing
In metagenomics, genomes from environmental samples are analyzed without the prior isolation and cultivation of individual species, and, therefore, it is a powerful technique for studying microbial communities in their natural habitat, with a broad range of applications. 
Features: 1. Highly experienced: We have completed over 400 metagenomic sequencing projects for our customers, and have published multiple metagenomic studies.
2. Outstanding service: We provide high-quality sequencing, an efficient standard workflow, and bioinformatics analyses at a cost-effective price.
3. Effective methodology: Our techniques enhance the generation of data from low-abundance species.
4. Comprehensive analysis: Expert bioinformatics analysis with three databases (KEGG, eggNOG, CAZy) provides comprehensive data on annotated genes and metabolic pathways.
Sequencing Strategy:
1. 300 bp insert DNA library
2. HiSeq platform, paired-end 150 bp
Data Quality Guarantee:
Each sample generates at least 5-10 Gb raw data, with Q30 ≥ 80%.
Sample Requirements:
1. DNA amount: ≥ 0.8 μg (for one library preparation)
2. DNA concentration: ≥ 20 ng/μl
2. Purity: OD260/280 = 1.8 - 2.0 without degradation or RNA contamination
Turnaround Time:
1. Within 15 business days from verification of sample quality (without data analysis)
2. Additional 10 business days for data analysis
Recommended Sequencing Depth:
Two strategies: 6 Gb raw data or 12 Gb raw data
Order Guide:
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