TGreen Transilluminator

TGreen Transilluminator

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TGreen Transilluminator adopts LED blue light source, amber filter and 470-520 nm excitation light material, which can be used for observation and cutting of gels loaded with GFP protein, or nucleic acid stained with a variety of safety dyes/ EB. The TGreen Transilluminator can achieve perfect gel observation and cutting effect with no ultraviolet radiation, and provide a safe and humanized laboratory environment. This instrument can also be applied to other fluorescence observation with excitation wavelengths of 470-520 nm, such as proteins, small animals and plants with GFP tag.

1. High sensitivity: When used with GeneGreen, as low as 0.5 ng (1000 bp) dsDNA can be observed.

2. Safe: Blue light source has no damage to human body, gel and sample.

3. Wide application range: Compatible fluorescent dyes include GeneGreen, GelRed, GelGreen, SYBR Green I, SYBR Safe, Goldview, SYBR Gold, SYPRO Ruby, SYPRO Orange, SYPRO Tangerine, eGFP, Cy2, FITC, EB etc.

4. Long service life: The service life of LED lamps is 50,000 hours.

5. Humanization: Multi-angle rotation of filter facilitates gel cutting.


1. Dimension (mm): 210 L x 210 W x 30 H

2. Viewing surface: 120 x 70 (mm)

3. Wavelength: 470 (nm)

4. Amber filter: the amber filter is wrapped in a metal frame

5. LED arrangement: the matrix provides double-sided lighting

6. LED lifetime: 50000 (h)

7. Power: 24V DC, 2.5 A power adapter

8. Maximum adapted gel size: 110 x 60 (mm).

9. Weight: 2.3 (kg)

1. TGreen Transilluminator: 1 set

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