LiPure™ Endotoxin-Free Plasmid Mini Kit (50 rxn)

LiPure™ Endotoxin-Free Plasmid Mini Kit (50 rxn)

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LiPureTM Endotoxin-Free Plasmid Mini Kit provides a simple, rapid and efficient method for the extraction of endotoxin-free plasmids. The contaminations such as endotoxin, genome DNA, RNA, and proteins can be maximumly removed. The operation is simple and convenient.

This kit is suitable for the extraction of 1-5 ml bacterial cells. Based on conventional alkaline lysis method, the new silicon membrane binds plasmid DNA efficiently and specifically. Each column can adsorb up to 40 μg of plasmid DNA. Special buffer systems and endotoxin removal columns can remove impurities such as endotoxins and proteins. The plasmids obtained from the kit are pure and stable and are particularly suitable for transfection experiments. The plasmids and can also be used for downstream experiments such as DNA sequencing, PCR, PCR-based mutations, in vitro transcription, transformation of bacteria, and restriction enzyme digestion.

1. Buffer P1: 15 ml
2. Buffer P2: 15 ml
3. Buffer E3: 15 ml
4. Buffer PS: 15 ml
5. Buffer PW (concentrated): 10 ml
6. Endo-free Buffer EB: 10 ml
7. RNase A (10 mg/ml): 150 µl
8. Endo-Remover FM with Collection Tubes: 50
9. Spin Columns DM with Collection tubes: 50
Room temperature (15-30°C)
Other Size:
LiPureTM Endotoxin-Free Plasmid Mini Kit (Free Sample)
LiPureTM Endotoxin-Free Plasmid Mini Kit (200 rxn, $289)

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