2× LiSpark™ Max SuFi PCR Master Mix (5 ml)

2× LiSpark™ Max SuFi PCR Master Mix (5 ml)

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Key Features: 

• Versatile: Used for routine PCR, or with long, difficult templates.

• Extreme Fidelity: 53× lower error rate than Taq DNA Polymerase.

• The extension rate is up to 200 bp/sec.

• Robust: Maximum success with minimal optimization, amplifies up to 40 kb.

• High Yield: Increased product yield using minimal enzyme.

• No need to change buffer for GC-rich templates.

• More specific and higher yield than most polymerases on market.

2× LiSparkTM Max SuFi PCR Master Mix is a master mix of LiSparkTM Max Super-Fidelity DNA Polymerase, dNTP and optimized buffer system at 2× concentration. Therefore, amplification can be carried out as long as primers and templates are added, resulting in less frequent liquid relief operation and higher repeatability of flux and results. The protective agent in the system guarantees that the mix can keep its activity even after many freezing and thawing cycles. This product is capable of amplifying 20kb genomic DNA and 40kb λDNA, and will generate blunt ends compatible with LiCloneTM One Step DNA Assembly Kit (M0010).

• High fidelity PCR

• High yield and fast PCR

• Blunt end cloning

• Complex templates

• GC-rich PCR

• Site-directed mutagenesis

1. 2× LiSparkTM Max SuFi PCR Master Mix: 5×1 ml
At -20°C
Other Size:
2× LiSparkTM Max SuFi PCR Master Mix (Free Sample)
2× LiSparkTM Max SuFi PCR Master Mix (1 ml, $99)

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