Magbead Viral DNA/RNA Kit  (96 rxn)

Magbead Viral DNA/RNA Kit  (96 rxn)

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Magbead Viral DNA/RNA Kit provides a simple, rapid and efficient method to extract DNA/RNA from whole blood, tissue homogenate, swab, serum, plasma, bronchoalveolar lavage fluid and other cell-free body fluids. The unique buffer system enables the nucleic acid in the lysate to be efficiently and specifically binded to the magbeads. The obtained nucleic acid has high purity, stable quality, and is free of protein, nuclease and other contaminants and inhibitors. It can be applied to various conventional operations, including PCR, fluorescence quantitative PCR and other experiments.

Certificate:  FDA/CE
Applications:  Rapid viral DNA/RNA isolation
1. Lysis Buffer: 25 ml
2. Washing Buffer 1: 50 ml
3. Washing Buffer 2: 50 ml
4. RNase-Free Water: 10 ml
5. Proteinase K: 1.25 ml
6. Magbeads Suspension Solution: 1.5 ml
Proteinase K should be stored at -20°C, other components can be stored at 0-35°C
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