LiClone™ One Step DNA Assembly Kit

LiClone™ One Step DNA Assembly Kit

LiCloneTM One Step DNA Assembly Kit is a novel cloning kit, applicable for homologous recombination with 1 - 5 fragments. The Kit is independent of DNA ligase, significantly reducing the self-ligated colonies. The enhanced Exnase and highly optimized buffer included in 2× LiClone Mix significantly improve the recombination efficiency and the tolerance to impurities. pCE-Zero vector is compatible with most PCR products, enabling the specific PCR products to be used directly for recombination without any treatments, which significantly simplify the procedure.

Key Features

• Simple: one-tube super mix.
• Fast: cloning within 5 - 15 min.
• Efficient cloning of fragments of 50 bp-10 kb, with positive clone rate > 95%.
• Directional cloning at any site on any vector, no limits in restriction enzyme choice.
• Suitable for cloning of both single and multiple DNA fragments.


• Fast Cloning
• High-throughput Cloning
• Seamless Assembly
• Site-directed Mutagenesis


Acquisition of Inserts: Introduce URS/DRS sequences (highlighted in blue and red ) into 5’-end of Forward (F) & Reverse (R) primers, aiming to make the ends of amplified inserts and pCE-Zero vector identical to each other. (Step I). Recombination: Mix pCE-Zero vectors and inserts at an appropriate ratio and incubate with Exnase at 50°C for 5min to make two linearized DNA cyclized in vitro. (Step II). Transformation: The recombination products can be used for transformation directly(Step III).

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LiCloneTM One Step DNA Assembly KitM0010-2525 rxns

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