LiScript™ Fast RT Master Mix

LiScript™ Fast RT Master Mix

LiScript™ Fast RT Master Mix is a kit for fast reverse transcription. 5× LiScript RT Master Mix contains all the components needed for first strand cDNA synthesis. The efficiency and yield of cDNA first-strand synthesis are higher, and the first strand of cDNA can be synthesized using pg total RNA or mRNA. The reaction can be completed in 15 minutes. This kit is suitable for the high throughout synthesis of first-strand cDNA and subsequent RT-PCR, RT-qPCR, and construction of full-length cDNA libraries.

Key Features

• Ready and easy to use: The reaction will be initiate by adding water and RNA template to the master mix
• Rapid reverse transcription: It takes only 15 minutes to obtain the first strand of cDNA
• High sensitivity: pg of total RNA or mRNA can be used as template
• High efficiency of reverse transcription: Above 90% RNA will be reverse transcripted

Customer Testimonials

"I'm citing 2× LiTaq™ Plus PCR Master Mix (LifeSct LLC) in my manuscript for a protein engineering paper. It is extremely effective, and I really appreciated the sample. I'll send you a copy as soon as it's published. BTW, LiScript™ Fast RT Master Mix works great, actually I wanted to mention how fast and easy it was to use. The addition of RNAse inhibitor and the 5x concentration are perfect for fast experiments."

------ San Diego State University, Dr. Brent White

Product NameCat. #FeaturesRequest
LiScriptTM Fast RT Master MixM0038Fast, high efficiency, high yieldFree Product
Product Name
Cat. #
LiScriptTM Fast RT Master MixM0038-20200 rxn$399
LiScriptTM Fast RT Master MixM0038-0550 rxn$149
LiScriptTM Fast RT Master Mix (+gDNA wiper)M0039100 rxn

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