LiPure™ Nucleic Acid Extraction Kits

LiPure™ Nucleic Acid Extraction Kits

LiPure™ Gel Extraction Kit with optimized buffer and silicon purification column is able to purify 70 bp - 20 kb DNA fragments from TAE/TBE agarose gel in various concentrations. Dissolve the gel and transfer the lysate to DNA filtration columns, centrifuge directly at high-salt condition to make a specific binding of DNA and the removal of impurities, totally within 10 - 15 min to finish the purifying. 

Key Features

Easy-to-use: The kit can purify DNA fragments directly from PCR products, enzymatic reaction system, and crude DNA products, etc., efficiently removing proteins, other organic compounds, salts, nucleotides primers, etc.
High quality: The purified DNA can be directly used for molecular biology research, such as ligation, transformation, restriction enzyme digestion, transcription in vitro, PCR, sequencing, microinjection, etc.
Fast: The entire process only takes 10-15 min.

Customer Testimonials

"We used QIAEX II Gel Extraction Kit, but always have problems with the recovery rate and purity, then we switched to LiPure™ Gel Extraction Kit last year. For several months, the kit gives better performance than the competitor's product with respect to recovery rate and purity. Our lab will stick to LiPure™ Gel Extraction Kit. "

------ Signagen Laboratories, Dr. Thomas Zhao, Staff Scientist

Product NameCat. #FeaturesRequest
LiPure™ Gel Extraction KitM0035Fast, High yieldFree Product

Case Study

Purification of PCR products for 50 bp、486 bp、1 kb、2 kb、4.5 kb、7.5 kb、10 kb、12 kb (Left); Comparison of LiPureTM vs Brand Q, Brand T and Brand A for 5.4 bp gel extraction.

Product Name
Cat. #
LiPure™ Gel Extraction KitM0035-0550 rxn
LiPure™ Gel Extraction KitM0035-20200 rxn
LiPure™ DNA Clean-up KitM0036-0550 rxn$79
LiPure™ DNA Clean-up KitM0036-20200 rxn$199

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