Human sTfR1(Soluble Transferrin Receptor 1) ELISA Kit (96T)

Human sTfR1(Soluble Transferrin Receptor 1) ELISA Kit (96T)

Cat. #: E-EL-H6085
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Product Name:Mouse soluble transferrin receptor (sTfR) ELISA Kit    
IL9, HP40, P40, TCGFIII, TCGF3, P40 T-cell and Mast Cell Growth Factor, P40 Cytokine, T-cell Growth Factor P40
This experiment use double-sandwich elisa technique and the ELISA Kit provided is typical. The pre-coated antibody is Mouse sTfR monoclonal antibody and the detecting antibody is polyclonal antibody with biotin labeled. Samples and biotin labeling antibody are added into ELISA plate wells and washed out with PBS or TBS. Then Avidin-peroxidase conjugates are added to ELISA wells in order; Use TMB substrate for coloring after reactant thoroughly washed out by PBS or TBS. TMB turns into blue in peroxidase catalytic and finally turns into yellow under the action of acid. The color depth and the testing factors in samples are positively correlated.
Signaling Pathways:EGFR Signaling Pathway
Detection Range:
5000 ng/ml-78 ng/ml
20 ng/ml

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