scAAV Cre (30 µl)

scAAV Cre (30 µl)

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premade recombinant self-complementary AAV; scAAV-CMV-Cre; scAAV1-CMV-Cre; scAAV-Cre; scAAV1-Cre
Description: scAAV1 Cre is a pre-packaged self-complementary AAV (scAAV) in serotype 1 (with capsid from AAV serotype 1 and 2xITR from AAV serotype 2) which will over-expresses Cre recombinase under CMV promoter. This product used in the Cre-lox system as a genetic tool to generate site-specific recombination of DNA between loxP sites in cultured cells and animal experiments. Ready to use format.
Titer: > 1x1013 VG/mL
Storage Buffer: Sterile PBS
Documents: Request a manual/MSDS

pscAAV-Cre; pscAAV-CMV-Cre; scAAV-CMV-Cre; scAAV1-CMV-Cre

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