Ecolyse™ Bacterial Cell Lysis Kit

Ecolyse™ Bacterial Cell Lysis Kit

Ecolyse™ Bacterial Cell Lysis Kit is a proprietary detergent free formulation of bacteria lysis buffer that ensures near 100% lysis of E.coli and other bacteria cells, with comparable lysis efficiency to French Press homogenizers. No separate addition of lysozyme, Benzonase or DNase is necessary. The whole extraction process can be completed in half an hour. The same reagents can be used for colony plasmid screening by size, it eliminates the gel loading problem in the alkaline lysis colony cracking method.

Key Features

• Comparable lysis efficiency to French Press.
• No separate addition of lysozyme, Benzonase or DNase.
• Detergent Free.
• Scalable batch processing.
• Amenable to high-throughput automation.

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Ecolyse™ Bacterial Cell Lysis KitC0123Rapid, High-throughputFree Product

Case Study

From these results, it can be concluded that our LiDirect™ DNA extraction buffer is compatible with most Taq polymerases on the market, but our LiTaq™ plus product line is more robust than most other products on market.

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Ecolyse™ Bacterial Cell Lysis KitC012340 ml

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