ROS Probes

ROS Probes

Generation of reactive oxygen species (ROS) at a controlled level is a feature of live cell function. Under conditions of oxidative stress, ROS production is dramatically increased, resulting in damage of membrane lipids, proteins, and nucleic acids. Oxidative damage is associated with aging as well as many diseases. Probes for measuring ROS provide important tools for study oxidative stress related diseases. We offers a variety of probes for reactive oxygen species to study oxidative stress.

DHESuperoxide indicatorEx/Em= 300/610 nm
DHR 123ROS indicatorEx/Em= 507/529 nm
DHR 6GROS indicatorEx/Em= 528/551 nm
H2DCFDAROS indicatorEx/Em= 495/529 nm
Carboxy-H2DCFDAROS indicatorEx/Em= 495/529 nm
ROS Assay KitDetection of ROS in live cells

Case Study

Detection of ROS with reactive oxygen species assay kit

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