VAHTS Universal Plus DNA Library Prep Kit (24 rxn)

VAHTS Universal Plus DNA Library Prep Kit (24 rxn)

Brand: Vazyme
Cat. #: ND617
Availability: 3-5 Business Days
Key Features: 

• Wide compatibility: easily cope with different species sources, different starting amounts, and different template types.

• Simple operation: only need to adjust the fragmentation time according to the target insert size to get the required library.

• High library yield: excellent library conversion rate, better sample quality.

VAHTS Universal Plus DNA Library Prep Kit for Illumina® is specially designed for DNA library preparation for next generation sequencing (NGS) on Illumina® platforms. This kit combines DNA fragmentation, end repair and dA tailing into one step. The products can be directly used to adapter ligation without purification, then for library enrichment and size selection. This kit is suitable for library preparation from 100 pg - 1 μg of input DNA. No mechanical fragmentation of the genome simplifies the process of library construction and shortens the operation time, suitable for the construction of PCR and PCR-Free libraries. This kit is perfectly compatible with DNA from different sources and different inputs, and the required fragment size library can be obtained by adjusting the fragmentation time according to the size of the target insert. All kit components are subjected to stringent functional quality control, ensuring the consistency and reproducibility of library preparation.
Applications: 1. Whole genome sequencing
2. Whole exome or targeted sequencing
3. Metagenome sequencing
4. Methylation Sequencing
Method: Enzymetic Fragmentation
1. FEA Buffer: 120 µl
2. FEA Enzyme Mix: 240 µl
3. Rapid Ligation Buffer 3: 600 µl
4. Rapid DNA Ligase: 120 µl
5. VAHTS HiFi Amplification Mix: 600 µl
6. PCR Primer Mix 3 for Illumina: 120 µl
7. Neutralization Buffer: 120 µl
8. Control DNA (100 ng/μl): 10 µl
Storage: All components should be stored at -20℃.

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