Ribo-off rRNA Depletion Kit (Bacteria) (12 rxn)

Ribo-off rRNA Depletion Kit (Bacteria) (12 rxn)

Brand: Vazyme
Cat. #: N407
Availability: 3-5 Business Days
Key Features: 

• Compatible with most gram-positive bacteria and gram-negative bacteria.

• Up to 97% rRNA removal rate.

• Keep mRNA and lncRNA intact.

The Ribo-off rRNA Depletion Kit (Bacteria) is designed to deplete rRNA (including 16S and 23S rRNA) from total RNA of gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria and to obtain mRNA and other non-coding RNA. This kit is suitable for both intact and degraded RNA samples (i.e. FFPE RNA) and can remove rRNA intotal RNA of 1 µg - 5 µg. The obtained rRNA-depleted RNA can be used for analysis applications of mRNA and non-coding RNA (i.e. lncRNA) and other applications.
1. rRNA Probe (Bacteria): 24 µl
2. Probe Buffer: 36 µl
3. RNase H Buffer: 48 µl
4. RNase H: 12 µl
5. DNase I Buffer: 348 µl
6. DNase I: 12 µl
7. Nuclease-free Water: 1 ml
Storage: All components should be stored at -20℃.

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