Summer Promotion 2021

Summer Promotion 2021

We’d like to introduce some of our high quality products with large discount. You will get 30%-50% discount by purchasing the following products between 06/01/2021 and 08/31/2021.

Enjoy Your Summer Holidays!

Product Name
Cat. #
ExSembly™ Cloning KitM00052×10 rxn$298  $14908-31-2021
100 bp DNA LadderM00422×2 ml$298  $14908-31-2021
LiPure™ Gel Extraction KitM00352×200 rxn$398  $19908-31-2021
LiQuant™ Green qPCR Master MixM00262×500 rxn$398  $19908-31-2021
Product Name
Cat. #
2× LiTaq™ Plus PCR Master Mix (+dye)M002550 ml$599  $41908-31-2021
LiQuant™ Universal Green qPCR Master MixM00162500 rxn$699  $48908-31-2021
SuperECL™ Western Blotting Detection KitM00132×250 ml$349  $24408-31-2021
dNTP SetM00594×250 µl$129  $9008-31-2021
LiScript™ First-Strand cDNA Synthesis KitM0029100 rxn$239  $16708-31-2021
LiClone™ Fast DNA Ligation KitM0009100 rxn$159  $11108-31-2021
LiFluor™ Animal Cell Viability KitC00271000 rxn$199  $13908-31-2021
FadeStop™ Fluorescent Mounting Medium with DAPIC011325 ml
$149  $10408-31-2021

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