Site-directed Mutagenesis

Site-directed Mutagenesis

Site-directed Mutagenesis is a very useful tool for gene research, which can efficiently change the character and characterization of the target protein. Generally we introduce site-directed mutagenesis through PCR method, including the insertion, deletion and point mutation. Site-directed Mutagenesis technology has been widely used in the study of protein functional site structure, enzyme activity optimization, DNA component function or component interaction, gene therapy ad so on.

Key Features

Vast operating region: if the distance between two point mutations is <30 bp, we deal it as one
High quality: LifeSct has rich experience in solving kinds of repetitive sequences, including hairpin structure, high GC, poly structure and other complex sequences perfectly
Deliverability: The record of performance that LifeSct keeps is the delivery of a single DNA fragment up to 100 kb

Service Options (Cat. #: S0021)

Gene Length
Turnaround Time**
Starting Price (USD)

< 2000bp

1 10-12 business days
$119  $99
2 10-12 business days
3 10-12 business days


1 12-15 business days
2 12-15 business days
3 12-15 business days


1 15-18 business days
2 15-18 business days
3 15-18 business days
* One mutation is defined as any combination of base changes within a 30-base frame. For more mutations, need to quote.
** Turnaround time is dependent on length and complexity of the gene fragments. In a few cases, shipping time may exceed the estimated time.

Delivery Forms

1. 1 tube of 2-5 μg Lyophilized plasmid DNA 
2. Original peak diagram of sequencing results,.ab1 format
3. COA file, including QC enzyme digestion verification figure

How to order?

1. Download Mutagenesis Quotation Form
2. Fill out the form and send email to
3. Technical support will send you a quotation for your project in 1 business day
4. Call 1-240-715-2985 to place the order


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