Mammalian Cell Protein Expression

Mammalian Cell Protein Expression

The Mammalian Cell Expression System is an ideal system for functional protein expression. Biological activity of recombinant proteins produced by this system closely resembles that of natural proteins. Because of its unique advantages, mammalian cell expression systems are widely used in the biopharmaceutical industry.

With our experienced scientific team, we has developed our own mammalian cell expression technology platform, capable of delivering recombinant proteins from the milligram level to the gram level. Combined with our advanced protein purification facilities, we can deliver recombinant protein products with purity 95% and above. Protein expression levels and success rates can be significantly improved using our proprietary NG® Codon Optimization software.

Key Features

• Proprietary Codon Optimization Technology: significantly improve protein expression level and success rate.
• Proprietary signal peptide library: customize signal peptide according to the sequence of target protein.
• Multiple purification strategies: affinity chromatography, ion exchange, hydrophobic chromatography, gel filtration, etc., providing diversified choice of protein purities.
• Comprehensive protein identification services: SDS-PAGE, Western Blot, MALDI-TOF, HPLC, etc.

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ProcessDescriptionDelivery Form
Turnaround Time
1. Gene synthesisCodon Optimization & Gene synthesisPlasmid DNA1-2 weeks*
2. SubcloningSubcloning the target gene into expression vectorConstructs1 week
3. Pilot protein expression and purificationPilot protein expression and purification Test the expression levelExpression report1-2 weeks
4. Large scale protein expression and purificationScale-up expression and purificationRecombinant protein QC report1-2 weeks

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