Gene Fragments

LifeSct's Gene Fragments are double-stranded, linear DNA fragments, or gene blocks, which can be used for a variety of research applications due to the faster delivery time, more economical price, and greater flexibility. Our Gene Fragments could be shipped in only a few working days which are for affordable and easy gene construction or modification, applications such as metabolic pathway assembly, gene variants, virus/disease research and more. Our Gene Fragment will be provided in a lyophilized tube which can be easily re-suspended, cloned, and screened to identify the correct clone for downstream applications.

Key Features

Cloning Accuracy: More than 90% of the recombinant colonies from cloning Gene Fragments are correct.
High Quality: Our gene fragments leading the highest cloning success rate and lowest error rate in the market.
Cost-effective: Cost-effective to meet your strict budget constraints, starting at just $69 /gene fragment.


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Service Options (Cat. #: S0011)

Gene Length
Turnaround Time*
Amount (ng)
Price (USD)
151bp - 500bp 4-7 business days
500 $69
4-7 business days
500 $109  $99
5-8 business days 1000 $119
6-9 business days 1000 $149
1251bp-1500bp 6-9 business days
1000 $179
7-10 business days
7-10 business days 1000
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* Turnaround time is dependent on length and complexity of the gene fragments ordered. In a few cases, shipping time may exceed the estimated time.

Delivery Forms

1. lyophilized double-stranded DNA
2. Quality Assurance Certificate: Gel Analysis

How to order?

1. Download Gene Fragments Quotation Form
2. Fill out the form and send email to
3. Technical support will send you a quotation for your project in 1 business day
4. Call 1-240-715-2985 to place the order

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Promotion for services

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