Gene Fragments

Gene Fragments

LifeSct's Gene Fragments are double-stranded, linear DNA fragments, or gene blocks, which can be used for a variety of research applications due to the faster delivery time, more economical price, and greater flexibility. Our Gene Fragments could be shipped in only a few working days which are for affordable and easy gene construction or modification, applications such as metabolic pathway assembly, gene variants, virus/disease research and more. Our Gene Fragment will be provided in a lyophilized tube which can be easily re-suspended, cloned, and screened to identify the correct clone for downstream applications.

Key Features

Cloning Accuracy: More than 90% of the recombinant colonies from cloning Gene Fragments are correct.
High Quality: Our gene fragments leading the highest cloning success rate and lowest error rate in the market.
Cost-effective: Cost-effective to meet your budget needs, starting at just $0.09/bp.

Online Quote

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Service Options (Cat. #: S0011)

Gene Length
Turnaround Time*
Amount (ng)
Price (USD)
150bp-500bp5-8 business days
5-8 business days
6-9 business days500$129
6-9 business days500$179
1251bp-1500bp6-9 business days
7-10 business days
7-10 business days500$269
* Turnaround time is dependent on length and complexity of the gene fragments ordered. In a few cases, shipping time may exceed the estimated time.

Gene Synthesis (Cat. #: S0012)

Gene Length
Starting Price (USD)*
Turnaround Time**
< 600bp
$120/gene  $109
10-12 business days
$0.20/bp  $0.18
10-12 business days
$0.22/bp  $0.2012-15 business days

Delivery Forms

1. lyophilized double-stranded DNA
2. Quality Assurance Certificate: Gel Analysis

Customer Testimonials

"Our lab started to use the high-quality services from LifeSct, including the gene synthesis and the gene fragments since 2017. We are always happy with the great quality of the services, the reasonable price, the prompt shipment and the good communication from LifeSct. More impressively, your LiTaqTM PCR mix is robust and cost-effective. Thanks for continuing to produce great products and provide excellent services!"

------ NIH/NICHD, Dr. Chune Cao, Lab manager

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