Gene Synthesis

Each month, over 2 million base pairs DNA sequences including genes, genomes, biological pathways are delivered globally. By using our proprietary LiCloneTM DNA synthesis and assembly platforms, the only thing you need to do is to tell us the DNA or amino acid sequences you are interested in. According to the DNA or amino acid sequences you provided, we will de novo synthesize the error-free DNA sequences and clone them into any vector as requested. In order to provide our customers with the highest quality output, Sanger sequencing will be conducted before each of these steps in order to verify the sequence accuracy. With our professional research team and effective systems in place, we promise you a one-stop location that will satisfy all of your gene synthesis needs.

Key Features

• Patented Codon optimization software that provides free codon optimization services, enabling a significant increase in protein expression.
• LiCloneTM Assembly technology ensures reliable assembly of long DNA fragments, single gene sequence up to 200Kb.
• Guarantee 100% sequence accuracy for all genes delivered by LifeSct.


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Service Options (Cat. #: S0012)

Gene Length
Starting Price (USD)*
Turnaround Time**
< 500bp
10-12 business days
10-12 business days
$0.22/bp12-15 business days
* For complex genes, need to quote; $29 for subcloning to unusual vectors
** Turnaround time is dependent on length and complexity of the genes ordered. In a few cases, shipping time may exceed the estimated time.

Case Study

Standard gene synthesis protocols lose fidelity when dealing with certain features such as high GC content, hairpins, and repetitive sequences. LifeSct’ new Codon system provides robust and sophisticated gene synthesis methods through its comprehensive codon optimization algorithm and the unique LiCloneTM gene synthesis platform.

Figure 1: NG® Codon improves codon usage efficiency. Y and X axis represent relative usage frequency of codons and genetic codons, respectively. The codon usage (red lines) was rather dispersed compared with the optimized one (green lines).Synbio technologies has proprietary gene synthesis codon optimization system which can satisfy different customers’ requirements.

Through the NG® Codon system, LifeSct is capable of synthesizing even the most complex sequences (Figs. 2 and 3). We guarantee a rapid turnaround time and high fidelity with the most competitive prices in the industry.

Figure 2: High GC & Repeated Sequence. GC distribution (left); Secondary Structure (right).

Figure 3: Large DNA Assembly in yeast. A 50 kb fragment was made through one-step assembly in yeast.

Delivery Forms

1. 1 tube of 2-5μg lyophilized plasmid DNA
2. Original peak diagram of sequencing results,.ab1 format
3. COA file, including QC enzyme digestion verification figure

How to order?

1. Download Gene Synthesis Quotation Form
2. Fill out the form and send email to
3. Technical support will send you a quotation for your project in 1 business day
4. Call 1-240-715-2985 to place the order

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LiClone™ One Step DNA Assembly Kit

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