PCR Cloning & Subcloning

PCR Cloning & Subcloning

PCR cloning and subcloning are two main ways to amplify DNA sequences. Using our patent pending technologies LiClone tool, we can clone any target gene into any site of any vector, satisfying various requirements of customers. Moreover, we can also provide high-throughput subcloning services with high efficiency.

Key Features

• Quickly produce your desired gene constructs with 100% accuracy, verified by sanger sequencing.
• Guarantee successful clone at any site in any vector system of interest with special amplified primer design.
• Professional technical support offers you proactive communications on your project processing status.

Online Quote

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Service Options (Cat. #: S0022)

Gene Length
Turnaround Time*
Starting Price (USD)**
< 1000bp10-12 business days
1000bp-2000bp12-14 business days
2001bp-3000bp14-16 business days
> 3000bpQuoteQuote
* Turnaround time is dependent on length and complexity of the gene fragments. In a few cases, shipping time may exceed the estimated time.
** For plasmid >10 kb, need to quote

Sample Requirements

1. DNA sequence: If the sequence has not been verified, we would do sequence validation as required (Additional fees will be charged).

2. Vector: Commercial vectors are preferred. For specific vectors (contrast to commercial ones) constructed by the customer, full length sequence is needed. If there is no sequence information, we would do sequence validation as required (Additional fees will be charged).

3. If rare restriction endonucleases or special molecular biological reagents are used in the experiment, customers may be requested to provide these reagents. we can purchase them for you, and the additional cost for these reagents will be charged. All purchased reagents will be returned to customers after the delivery.

Delivery Forms

1. Lyophilized plasmid DNA (2-5 µg)
2. Sequencing chromatogram
3. Certificate of analysis (COA)

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