LiDirect™ Lightning Genotyping Kit

LiDirect™ Lightning Genotyping Kit

LiDirectTM Lightning Genotyping Kit is a combination of LiDirectTM Genotyping DNA Extraction Buffer and LiTaqTM Plus PCR master mix. It is designed for fast extraction of tissue DNA and subsequent PCR analysis. LiDirectTM Genotyping kit contains all the reagents needed to rapidly (15 min) extract genomic DNA from mouse tails, yeast, plant cells and other tissues, cells, hair shafts, and saliva. It also include all reagents for subsequent genotyping PCR. The whole genotyping process can be completed within 1 hour.

Key Features

• The procedure is fast and simple, amenable to automation. Entire process takes less than 1 hour.
• Does not use hazardous chemicals such as phenol, chloroform, proteinase K or guanidine isothiocyanate.
• There is no need for mechanical disruption, organic extraction, column purification, or precipitation of the DNA.
• Cost-effective: just $0.30 per reaction.


"I would like to update you on the LiDirectTM Lightning Genotyping Kit that I have been using for the past 6 month. We have definitely benefited from using this kit. The gel-electrophoresis-ready LiTaqTM Plus PCR Master Mix significantly cuts down the required hands-on time to genotype our animals. For a project that is heavily relied on multiple lines of transgenic animal, this has had a huge impact. Thank you for a wonderful product!"

------ NIH/NCI, James Wang, PHD

Case Study

Taking advantage of our new proprietary formula, the LiDirectTM DNA extraction buffer enables fast DNA release from the toughest cells, and performs much better than traditional alkaline lysis protocols. Combined with our industry leading LiTaqTM Plus DNA polymerase, our LiDirectTM Lightning Genotyping Kit helps scientists to genotype all types of tissues and cells effortlessly.

Step 1: sample preparation
    • 1~2 mm piece of mouse tail
    • 5~10 mg of tissue

    • ~1×104 cells
Step 2: add 75 µl of LiDirectTM Extraction Buffer
    • Incubate at 98°C for 15 min
Step 3: add 125 µl of LiDirectTM Stop Solution
Step 4: set up 25 µl of LiTaqTM Plus PCR reaction mix
PCR cycling for amplification:

1. 95°C: 15 sec
2. 35 ×
    • Denaturation: 5 sec at 98°C
    • Annealing: 10 sec at 55°C
    • Extension: 30 sec/kb at 72°C
3. Final extension: 5 min at 72°C   

Comparison of genotyping PCR results with Taq polymerase from different vendors
Template is mouse genomic DNA extracted with the LiDirectTM DNA extraction buffer (M0014).
Lanes 1-3 are our Taq products: LiTaqTM DNA Polymerase (M0023), LiTaqTM PCR Master Mix (M0024), LiTaqTM Plus PCR Master Mix (M0025).
Lanes 4-10 are competitor brands PG, CW, QK, TR, TK, QG, LF.

From these results, it can be concluded that our LiDirectTM DNA extraction buffer is compatible with most Taq polymerases on the market, but our LiTaqTM plus product line is more robust than most other products on market.

Product Name
Cat. #
Price Order
LiDirectTM Lightning Genotyping Kit M0015-04 400 rxn
LiDirectTM Lightning Genotyping Kit M0015-20 2000 rxn
2× LiTaqTM Plus PCR Master Mix (+Dye) M0025-05 5×1 ml
2× LiTaqTM Plus PCR Master Mix (+Dye) M0025-15 15×1 ml
LiDirectTM Genotyping DNA Extraction Buffer M0014-04 400 rxn $45
LiDirectTM Genotyping DNA Extraction Buffer M0014-20 2000 rxn $199

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