LiDirect™ Lightning Genotyping Kit (400 rxn)

LiDirect™ Lightning Genotyping Kit (400 rxn)

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Key Features: • The procedure is fast and simple, amenable to automation. The entire process takes less than 1 hour.
• Does not use hazardous chemicals such as phenol, chloroform, proteinase K or guanidine isothiocyanate.
• There is no need for mechanical disruption, organic extraction, column purification, or precipitation of the DNA.
LiDirectTM Lightning Genotyping kit is a combination of LiDirectTM Genotyping DNA Extraction Buffer and LiTaqTM Plus PCR master mix. It is designed for fast extraction of tissue DNA and subsequent PCR analysis. LiDirectTM Genotyping kit contains all the reagents needed to rapidly (15 min) extract genomic DNA from mouse tails, yeast, plant cells and other tissues, cells, hair shafts, and saliva. It also include all reagents for subsequent genotyping PCR. The whole genotyping process can be completed within 1 hour.
1. LiDirectTM Extraction Buffer: 30 ml
2. LiDirectTM Stop Solution: 50 ml
3. 2× LiTaqTM Plus PCR Master Mix: 5×1 ml
PCR Master Mix: -20°C; Extraction Buffer & Stop Solution: 4-25°C
Other Size:
LiDirectTM Lightning Genotyping Kit (Free Sample)
LiDirectTM Lightning Genotyping Kit (2000 rxn, $469)

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