Adenovirus CAG-GCaMP6f (200 µl)

Adenovirus CAG-GCaMP6f (200 µl)

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Human Adenovirus Type5 (dE1/E3); Ad-CAG-GCaMP6f; Ad-CBA-GCaMP6f

GCaMP is a genetically encoded calcium indicator (GECI) and created from a fusion of green fluorescent protein (GFP), calmodulin (CaM), and M13, a peptide sequence from myosin light chain kinase. When GECI binds Ca2+, the conformational change of GCaMP induces proximity of the GFP parts, eliciting strong GFP fluorescence signal, which allows measuring action potentials and other receptor activation events that trigger Ca2+ influx. The advantage of GECI's are that they can be genetically specified for studies in living organisms.

GCaMP6 is a novel ultra-sensitive format of GCaMP that outperformed other sensors in terms of accuracy and sensitivity in measuring cytosol Ca2+ level. Mutations in calmodulin part of GCaMP6 created several variants which showed different calcium fluorescence decay rate (fast - GCamP6f, slow - GCaMP6s and medium - GCaMP6m).

Promoter: CAG
Titer: 1x1010 ~ 1x1011 PFU/mL
Storage Buffer: DMEM with 2% BSA & 2.5% Glycerol
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