Adenovirus CLK2 (200 μl)

Adenovirus CLK2 (200 μl)

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Product Category:   Human Adenovirus Type5 (dE1/E3) expressing CLK2 gene under CMV promoter.
Description:   CDC-like Kinase 2, pre-made adenovirus, ready to ship and ready to use format.
Gene:   CDC-like Kinase 2
NCBI Acc. #:   NM_001291
Gene ID:   1196
GI Number:   4557476
Fusion Tag:   C-terminus 6xHN tag
Promoter:   CMV
Storage Buffer:   DMEM with 2.5% BSA, 2.5% glycerol
Background:   The CLK2 gene encodes a member of the CLK family of dual specificity protein kinases. CLK family members have shown to interact with, and phosphorylate, serine- and arginine-rich (SR) proteins of the spliceosomal complex, which is a part of the regulatory mechanism that enables the SR proteins to control RNA splicing. This protein kinase is involved in the regulation of several cellular processes and may serve as a link between cell cycle progression, apoptosis, and telomere length regulation.
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