Adenovirus FABP4 (200 μl)

Adenovirus FABP4 (200 μl)

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Product Category:   Human Adenovirus Type5 (dE1/E3) expressing Fatty Acid Binding Protein 4 (FABP4) under a CMV promoter.
Description:   Fatty Acid Binding Protein 4, Adipocyte, pre-made adenovirus, ready to ship and ready to use format.
Gene:   Fatty Acid Binding Protein 4, Adipocyte
NCBI Acc. #:   BC003672
Gene ID:   2167
GI Number:   13277535
Fusion Tag:   No
Promoter:   CMV
Titer:   1×1011~1×1012 PFU/ml
Storage Buffer:   DMEM with 2.5% BSA, 2.5% glycerol
Background:   FABP4 belongs to the fatty acid binding protein (FABP) family. FABPs contribute to the transport of fatty acids and other lipids in various cellular pathways. FABP4 is expressed in adipocytes, macrophages, monocyte-derived dendritic cells, and myoepithelial cells. It delivers long-chain fatty acids and retinoic acid to their cognate receptors in the nucleus.
Storage:   -80°C
Documents:   Request a manual/MSDS

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