FITC Annexin V and PI Apoptosis Kit (100 rxns)

FITC Annexin V and PI Apoptosis Kit (100 rxns)

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FITC Annexin V and PI Apoptosis Kit is used to detect the externalization of phosphatidylserine in apoptotic cells. This kit provides a sensitive two-color assay that employs FITC annexin V and a ready-to-use solution of the red-fluorescent propidium iodide nucleic acid stain. Propidium iodide is impermeant to live cells and apoptotic cells but stains necrotic cells with red fluorescence, binding tightly to the nucleic acids in the cell. After staining a cell population with FITC annexin V and propidium iodide in the provided binding buffer, apoptotic cells show green fluorescence, dead cells show red and green fluorescence, and live cells show little or no fluorescence. These populations can easily be distinguished using a flow cytometer with the 488 nm spectral line of an argon-ion laser for excitation.
1. Platform: Fluorescence Cytometer
2. Detection Method: Fluorescent
3. Ex/Em: PI: 535/617 nm; FITC: 495/520 nm
Applications: Cell apoptosis analysis
1. FITC Annexin V: 500 µl
2. PI: 200 µl
3. 5× Annexin-binding buffer: 50 ml
At 4°C and protect from light


Jurkat cells treated with 10 μM camptothecin for four hours (right panel) or untreated (as control, left panel). Cells were then treated with the reagents in the kit, followed by flow cytometric analysis.

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