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Description:  TGuide S16 Nucleic Acid Extractor can process up to 16 samples simultaneously by the magnetic rods to bind and transfer the magnetic beads, the 96-well plate or single-sample reagent cartridge and magnetic tip comb. By using t..
Description:  TGear Mini Centrifuge is a mini short-spin centrifuge suitable for various types of centrifuge tubes. It is suitable for the centrifugation before PCR experiment, and molecular biological experiments such as rapid sample preci..
Description:  The TGrinder 3rd Gen. series is a kind of small-sized tissue grinder with rechargeable battery and motor-driven grinding pestle. It can be used for grinding tissue samples in a 1.5 ml sharp-bottom centrifuge tube. TGrinder Set..
Description:   TGyrate Vortex Basic is a small-sized mixer that adopts eccentric rotation to make the liquid in containers such as test tubes generate vortex, thus fully mixing samples. The instrument can be used for mixing samples i..
Description:  TGreen Transilluminator adopts LED blue light source, amber filter and 470-520 nm excitation light material, which can be used for observation and cutting of gels loaded with GFP protein, or nucleic acid stained with a variety..
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