Lentivirus CAG-Null (2×25 µl)

Lentivirus CAG-Null (2×25 µl)

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premade recombinant lentivirus, LV-CAG-Null, LV-CBA-Null, CAG-Null Lentivirus, CBA-Null Lentivirus
Description: Lentivirus-CAG-Null is a premade lentivirus which expresses no transgene under the CAG (also known as CBA) promoter. Ready to use format. Used as control
Titer: > 1x109 TU/mL
Storage Buffer: PBS
Selection Antibiotic: None
Purity: In vivo grade and OK for both in vitro tissue culture infection and in vivo injection
Documents: Request a manual/MSDS

premade lentivirus,LV-CAG-Null,EF1α-Null-Puro Lentivirus,CAG-Null Lentivirus

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