2× LiTaq™ PCR Master Mix (+Dye) (15 ml)

2× LiTaq™ PCR Master Mix (+Dye) (15 ml)

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Key Features: 

• PCR products can be directly used for cloning into T-Vectors as most PCR products amplified with Taq DNA polymerase have one A at the 3'-terminus.   

• Very low cost and ideal for genotyping.

2× LiTaq™ PCR Master Mix is an optimized ready-to-use solution containing Taq DNA polymerase, dNTPs, MgCl2, KCI and stabilizers. 2× Taq Master Mix are stable for 20 freeze-thaw cycles when stored at -20°C. The presence of two tracking dyes allows direct loading of the PCR product onto agarose gels. The obtained PCR products are compatible with LiClone™ One Step DNA Assembly Kit (M0010), and can be directly used for cloning into T-Vectors as most PCR products amplified with Taq DNA polymerase have one A at the 3'-terminus.
Applications: • Routine PCR
1. 2× LiTaq™ PCR Master Mix (+Dye):  15×1 ml
At -20°C for one year
Other Size:
2× LiTaq™ PCR Master Mix (+Dye) (5×1 ml, $99)
2× LiTaq™ PCR Master Mix (+Dye) (50×1 ml, $539)

Case Study

Samples: Human genomic DNA & cDNA, Mouse genomic DNA, Wheat genomic DNA, Rice genomic DNA, Coli colony

LifeSct: LiTaq™ PCR mix, LiTaq™ DNA polymerase, 2× LiTaq™ plus PCR mix, 2× LiTaq™ Eco PCR mix

Competitors: Brand C, Brand N, Brand Q, Brand T, Brand G, Brand F

PCR reaction setup for amplification:
• 2× Mix: 12.5 µl
• F1: 1 µl
• R1 : 1 µl
• Template* : 0.5 µl
• ddH2O: 0.2 µl
* gDNA: 50 ng; λ DNA: 5 ng; Plasmid: 2 ng;  Colony: 1 µl

PCR cycling for amplification:
1. 95°C: 3 min
2. 35 x
    1. Denaturation: 15 s at 95°C
    2. Annealing: 20 s at 60°C
    3. Extension: 1 min/kb at 72°C
3. Final extension: 5 min at 72°C

PCR Master Mix

From the above results, it can be concluded that for PCR amplification of different length and kind of templates, all four PCR mixes from our company performed superbly. For general PCR, our products have the broadest applicability, best success rate, highest specificity and maximal yield. In the most difficult situations, when all other PCR mixes failed, at least one of our products still worked.


1. Nuclear export and translation of circular repeat-containing intronic RNA in C9ORF72-ALS/FTD. 

Publication: Nature Communications        Product: 2× LiTaq™ PCR Master Mix (+Dye)

2. Distinct Structures and Dynamics of Chromatosomes with Different Human Linker Histone Isoforms. 
Publication: Molecular Cell        Product: 2× LiTaq™ PCR Master Mix (+Dye)

3. Diversity and Complexity of the Large Surface Protein Family in the Compacted Genomes of Multiple Pneumocystis Species. 

Publication: ASM        Product: LiSpark™ Max SuFi PCR Master Mix

4. In Vitro Analysis of Rationally Designed Multimerization Sequences. 

Publication: ProQuest        Product: LiTaq™ Plus PCR Master Mix (+Dye)

Customer Testimonials

"Our lab started to use the high-quality services from LifeSct, including the gene synthesis and the gBlocks gene fragments since 2017. We are always happy with the great quality of the services, the reasonable price, the prompt shipment and the good communication from LifeSct. More impressively, your LiTaq™ PCR Master Mix is robust and cost-effective. Thanks for continuing to produce great products and provide excellent services!"

------ NIH/NICHD, Dr. Chune Cao, Lab manager

"I'm citing 2× LiTaq™ Plus PCR Master Mix (LifeSct LLC) in my manuscript for a protein engineering paper. It is extremely effective, and I really appreciated the sample. I'll send you a copy as soon as it's published.BTW, LiScript™ Fast RT Master Mix works great, actually I wanted to mention how fast and easy it was to use. The addition of RNAse inhibitor and the 5x concentration are perfect for fast experiments."

------ San Diego State University, Dr. Brent White, Postdoc

"I have been using LiTaq™ Plus PCR Master Mix and LiQuant™ Universal Green qPCR master mix in my experiments for two years. The PCR mix can impressively amplify the difficult sequences in my hands. Amazingly, it rapidly amplifies the templates at ~ 2kb/min. And the qPCR mix has the higher sensitivity compared with the similar product from other company. I highly recommend these products!!!"

------ UPENN, Dr. Janne Liu, Research Associate

"Our Lab had a chance to try the LiTaq™ Plus PCR Master Mix and LiClone™ One Step DNA Assembly Kit which perform very well compared with similar products we used before. We will order them later. Thank you!"

------ NDSU, Dr. Ang Guo, Assistant Professor

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