Mycoplasma Stain Kit (10 ml)

Mycoplasma Stain Kit (10 ml)

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Key Features: 

• Direct addition of stain to cell culture media without dilution and calculation.

• Fast: Get results in less than one hour.

• Sensitive: Able to detect numerous mycoplasma species.


Mycoplasma Stain Kit provides an ultrasensitive, rapid and simple fluorescence microscopic assay for the visual identification of mycoplasma infection in laboratory cell cultures. In order to detect mycoplasma, the fluorescent MycoFluor reagent is added directly to the culture medium, with or without cells, and the stained sample is then examined under a fluorescence microscope. The excitation and emission spectra of MycoFluor reagent bound to dsDNA are similar to dsDNA bound to DAPI, with excitation maxima around 350-360nm and emission maxima around 450-460nm. MycoFluor reagent can be excited either with a xenon mercury arc lamp or a UV laser and is detected through a blue filter.

Mycoplasma staining with MycoFluor reagent appears as a fine particulate or filamentous staining over the cytoplasm at 100× magnification. Nuclei of the cells are also brightly stained by this method and thereby act as endogenous positive control for the staining procedure.

Applications: Mycoplasma detection
1. MycoFluor Reagent: 10 ml
2. Antifade Mounting Medium: 10 ml
At -20°C and Avoid repeated freeze-thaw cycles

The Jurkat cell culture stained with Mycoplasma Stain Kit

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