PrimeFect™ Transfection Reagent for Hela Cells (1 ml)

PrimeFect™ Transfection Reagent for Hela Cells (1 ml)

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Features: 1. Cell-dependent 3~4 times higher efficiency    
2. Top choice for hard-to-transfect cells
4. Exceptional high levels of recombinant protein production

PrimeFect™ In Vitro DNA Transfection Reagent for Hela is pre-optimized for Hela cell transfection. Refer to the following optimal transfection conditions for maximal transfection efficiency on Hela cells. PrimeFect™ reagent, 1.0 ml, is sufficient for 600 to 1200 transfections in 24 well plates or 300 to 600 transfections in 6 well plates.

Storage Condition:
Store at 4 °C. If stored properly, the product is stable for 12 months or longer.

A Picture Showing Transfection Efficiency of PrimeFect™ Reagent on Hela Cells

PrimeFect™ reagent is optimized for Hela cell (ATCC # CCL-2.2). Hela cells were grown per ATCC recommended culture medium and transfected with pEGFP-N3 by GenJet™. The efficiency was checked 48 hours post transfection.

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