SuperLumin™ Protein Gel Stain (1 ml)

SuperLumin™ Protein Gel Stain (1 ml)

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Key Features: 

• High sensitivity: ~0.5 ng protein

• Compatibility with standard laboratory equipment

• Wide linear detection range: At least three orders of magnitude

• Compatible with downstream analysis: Compatible with MS and sequencing

• Stable: Stable at room temperature for 1 year

SuperLuminTM Protein Gel Stain is a high sensitive fluorescent stain designed for detecting proteins in SDS polyacrylamide gels. It is as sensitive as silver stain. Unlike silver stain, however, SuperLumin™ Protein Gel Stain has a linear detection range of at least 3 orders of magnitude. Protein gel staining with SuperLumin™ is a very simple and fast protocol. It doesn’t require fixation step, only need one simple staining step with 1× SuperLumin™ for 90 minutes or less, followed by a simple destaining step. Protein gel staining with SuperLumin™ is compatible with downstream protein analyses such as mass spectrometry and Edman-based sequencing. SuperLumin™ Protein Gel Stain is available as a 1,000× concentrated solution, which can be readily diluted to the 1× working solution using methanol/acetic acid/water solution. It is very convenient for shipping and storage. The price of SuperLumin™ Protein Gel Stain is comparable to the commercial Coomassie® Blue-based protein gel staining solutions, while SuperLumin™ provides far better sensitivity and user-friendliness.

Protein gel stain

Storage: At room temerature

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