LifeSct Rewards Program

LifeSct Rewards Program

Get rewarded with LifeSct.

You will automatically join LifeSct Reward Program when you create a LifeSct account. 

Earning reward points when purchasing eligible products at Can also earn points from other LifeSct promotions. 

After making an online purchase, go to My Account to check your LifeSct Rewards status. Earned points will be available in 15 to 30 days after the delivery date. No point will be earned if product is returned. Redeem your points for future purchases on

More ways to earn.

1. Get 200 points as a new registered member
2. Get 3000 points if you recommend our products to other users
3. Get 2000 points if you provide testimonials of our products
4. Pay attention to our promotional campaigns

Product Name
Cat. #
PriceEarned Points
LiDirectTM Lightning Genotyping KitM0015-04400 rxn
2× LiTaqTM Plus PCR Master Mix (+Dye)M0025-1515×1 ml
2× LiSparkTM Ultra SuFi PCR Master MixM0031-011 ml$1293000
LiPureTM Gel Extraction KitM0035-0550 rxn$991500
LiQuantTM Universal Green qPCR Master MixM0016-05500 rxn$1994500

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