Adenovirus SAT1 (200 μl)

Adenovirus SAT1 (200 μl)

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Description:   This recombinant human adenovirus type 5 (dE1/E3) expresses spermidine/spermine N1-acetyltransferase 1 (SAT1) under CMV promoter.
Gene:   Spermidine/spermine N1-acetyltransferase 1
NCBI Acc. #:   M55580.1
Gene ID:   6303
GI Number:   M55580
Fusion Tag:   No
Promoter:   CMV
Titer:   1x1010~1x1011 PFU/ml
Storage Buffer:   DMEM with 2.5% BSA, 2.5% glycerol
Background:   Spermidine/spermine-N1-acetyltransferase (SSAT1) is a short-lived polyamine catabolic enzyme which catalyzes the acetylation of polyamines. This highly regulated enzyme allows a fine attenuation of the intracellular concentration of polyamines. Induction of SSAT1 plays an important role in polyamine homoeostasis, since the N1-acetylated polyamines can be excreted or oxidized by acetylpolyamine oxidase.
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