SuperECL™ Western Blotting Detection Kits

SuperECL™ Western Blotting Detection Kits

LifeSct offers two types of super sensitive chemiluminescent substrates for Western blot detection with horseradish peroxidase enzyme (HRP). The signal from ECL substrates can be captured and documented using X-ray film or a capable CCD camera imager.

Key Features

• High sensitivity: detect low-picogram to high-femtogram amounts of target protein on nitrocellulose or PVDF membrane.
• High signal stability: incubated blots provide stable signal duration over 4 hour time period.
• Stable reagent: reagent is stable for one year.
• Cost-effective: use much less antibody.

Sensitivity Signal Duration Primary Ab Dilution Secondary Ab Dilution
SuperECLTM Picogram to low femtogram < 8h 1:1,000-1:30,000 1:50,000-1:200,000
SuperECLTM Plus High Femtogram < 4h 1:5,000-1:30,000 1:100,000-1:300,000

Customer Testimonials

"I have been using LifeSct’s SuperECL Western Blotting Detection Kit for a while and recently also start using LifeSct’s SuperECL Plus Western Blotting Detection Kit product. Both products work perfectly and the results are even better than pico and femto level products from the major brand I used before. I am very happy with these wonderful products."

------ NIH/NHLBI, Pingyuan Wang, PHD

Case Study

The comparison of SuperECLTM plus and SuperSignalTM (Thermo) on exposure time (Provided by Dr. Pingyuan Wang).

The comparison on exposure time(Left); The comparison on signal duration (Right).

The comparison of sensitivity of SuperECLTM, SuperECLTM Plus, and ImmobilonTM (Millipore) Western blot substrate (Left); The comparison on antibody dilution (Right).

Product Name
Cat. #
Price Order
SuperECLTM Western Blotting Detection Kit M0013-05 2×50 ml
SuperECLTM Western Blotting Detection Kit M0013-25 2×250 ml
SuperECLTM Plus Western Blotting Detection Kit M0053-05 2×50 ml
SuperECLTM Plus Western Blotting Detection Kit M0053-10 2×100 ml

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