SuperECL™ Western Blotting Detection Kit (2×50 ml)

SuperECL™ Western Blotting Detection Kit (2×50 ml)

Cat. #: M0013-05
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Key Features: 

1. High sensitivity: detect low-picogram to high-femtogram amounts of target protein on nitrocellulose or PVDF membrane.

2. High signal stability: incubated blots provide stable signal duration over 4 hour time period.

3. Stable reagent: reagent is stable for one year.

4. Economical: use much less antibody.

Description: SuperECLTM Western Blotting Detection Kit is designed to detect horseradish peroxidase (HRP)-labelled proteins or nucleic acids. This kit can be used to detect weak chemiluminescence signal due to a unique luminous enhancer contained that increases the sensitivity. Furthermore, the optimized Buffer A and Buffer B enables high stability and reliability, avoiding non-specific bands, background bands, or quenching.
Components: 1. Detection Reagent A: 50 ml
2. Detection Reagent B: 50 ml
Storage: Store at 2~8°C and protect from light.
Other Size:
SuperECLTM Western Blotting Detection Kit (Free Sample)
SuperECLTM Western Blotting Detection Kit (2×250 ml, $399)

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