Annexin V Apoptosis Detection Kits

Annexin V Apoptosis Detection Kits

Annexin V Apoptosis Detection Kits provide quick and reliable detection methods for studying the externalization of phosphatidylserine in apoptotic cells. These conjugates and kits are very useful for flow cytometry or fluorescence microscopy to assess mixed populations of apoptotic and nonapoptotic cells.

• Sensitivity: conjugated to LiFluor™ dyes for brighter signals
• Flexibility: conjugates for many lasers and detection channels
• Simplicity: assay procedure typically completed in less than 30 minutes


Jurkat cells treated with 10 μM camptothecin for four hours (right panel) or untreated (as control, left panel). Cells were then treated with the reagents in the kit, followed by flow cytometric analysis.

Product Name
Cat. #
eGFP Annexin V and PI Apoptosis KitC0032100 rxn
FITC Annexin V and PI Apoptosis KitC0033100 rxn
LiFluor™ 488 Annexin V and PI Apoptosis KitC0034500 rxn$199
Apoptotic, Necrotic, and Healthy Cells Detection KitC003550 rxn

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