LiQuant™ qPCR Master Mixes

LiQuant™ qPCR Master Mixes

LiQuant™ Green qPCR Master Mix utilizes a special performance-enhanced Taq DNA polymerase protected via a hot-start activation technique, and optimized qPCR buffer system to perform SYBR Green I based quantitative PCR (qPCR). LiQuant™ Probe qPCR Master Mix is a special reagent designed for probe based qPCR. Utilizing hot-start LiQuant™ DNA Polymerase, alone with optimal buffer specially optimized for qPCR, it is capable of significant restraining non-specific amplification as well as enhancing the amplification efficiency.

Key Features

• The qPCR mixes are a 2× premixed reagent which is convenient to handle.
• The mixes can be directly used for robust and low-template quantitative PCR with high sensitivity and specificity.
• High reliability: the mixes are stable at room temperature in one week.
• Cost-effective: just $0.28/rxn and up.

Cat. #TypeSensitivitySpecificity+ROX DyeUnit Price
M0016SYBR green+++++++++No$0.28/rxn

Customer Testimonials

"We were pleasantly surprised at how well the LiQuant™ Universal Green qPCR Mater Mix worked with our typically problematic samples. I was not familiar with LifeSct prior to this but will definitely keep them in mind for future molecular biology needs and would recommend this product."

------ University of Tennessee, Dr. Rebecca Payton, Lab Manager

"We have tested the LiQuant™ Universal Green qPCR Mater Mix. It worked pretty well and I believe we will order it soon. Thank you!"

------ JHU, Dr. Zhe Zhang, Lab Manager

"I have been using LiTaq™ Plus PCR Master Mix and LiQuant™ Universal Green qPCR Master Mix in my experiments for two years. The PCR mix can impressively amplify the difficult sequences in my hands. Amazingly, it rapidly amplifies the templates at ~ 2kb/min. And the qPCR mix has the higher sensitivity compared with the similar product from other company. I highly recommend these products!!!"

------ UPENN, Dr. Janne Liu, Research Associate

Case Study

Product Name
Cat. #
LiQuant™ Universal Green qPCR Master MixM0016-01125 rxn
LiQuant™ Universal Green qPCR Master MixM0016-05500 rxn
LiQuant™ Universal Green qPCR Master MixM0016-252500 rxn$899
LiQuant™ Probe qPCR Master MixM0027-05500 rxn$299
LiQuant™ Probe qPCR Master MixM0027-252500 rxn
LiScript™ Green One Step RT-qPCR KitM0032100 rxn$399
LiScript™ Probe One Step RT-qPCR KitM0033100 rxn$399

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