LiQuant™ dsDNA HS Assay Kit (1000 rxn)

LiQuant™ dsDNA HS Assay Kit (1000 rxn)

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Key Features: 

• Higher sensitivity: 100 times more sensitive than NanoDrop.

• Broad dynamic range: over four orders of magnitude.

• More accuracy: unaffected by the presence of proteins, free nucleotides.

• Easy to use: mix-and-read format.

• Instrument compatibility: assay can be performed using a fluorescence plate reader, or a fluorometer such as Qubit®.

LiQuant™ dsDNA HS Assay Kit is designed specifically for an easy and accurate quantitation of dsDNA. The kit is highly selective for dsDNA over RNA, and offers advantages in stability, linear dynamic range, and sensitivity over other traditional methods of DNA quantitation. The kit contains concentrated quantitation reagent, dilution buffer, and pre-diluted dsDNA standards. Simply dilute the reagent using the buffer provided, add your sample (any volume between 1 µl and 20 µl is acceptable), and read the fluorescence using a fluorescence plate reader or fluorometer. The assay is well tolerated to common contaminants such as proteins, salts, solvents, detergents, or free nucleotides. The assay can be adapted for use in microplates, tubes or cuvettes.
Specifications:  1. Sample Type: dsDNA
2. Platform: Fluorescence plate reader or fluorometer
3. Assay: dsDNA Quantitation, high sensitivity
4. Linear Range: 0.2-100 ng dsDNA
Applications:  dsDNA quantitation of PCR products, viral DNA and samples for subcloning and Next Gen Sequencing
1. LiQuant™ HS dsDNA Reagent : 1 ml
2. LiQuant™ HS dsDNA Buffer: 200 ml
3. dsDNA Standard #1: 1 ml
4. dsDNA Standard #2: 1 ml
At 2-8°C and protect from light

Left: Quantitation of dsDNA with LiQuant™ HS dsDNA Assay Kit using fluorescence plate reader. Right: Quantitation of dsDNA with LiQuant™ HS dsDNA Assay Kit using Qubit® Fluorometer.

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