LiScript™ One Step Probe RT-qPCR Kit (100 rxns)

LiScript™ One Step Probe RT-qPCR Kit (100 rxns)

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50 μl/rxn

Key Feature: 

• 5 minutes cDNA synthesis

• cDNA synthesis and qPCR are performed in a single tube using gene specific primers with total RNA or mRNA as templates.

• Passive reference dyes are provided for different qPCR instruments.


LiScript™ One Step Probe RT-qPCR Kit combines the first-strand cDNA synthesis and qPCR in the same tube to simplify reaction setup and reduce the possibility of contamination. Only gene specific primers can be used for this kit. LiScript™ Probe One Step RT-qPCR Kit contains all the necessary reagents for cDNA synthesis and qPCR except probe, total RNA/mRNA template and gene specific primers.


• Multiple copy and low copy gene detection

• GC-rich or complex secondary structure RNA template

• Viral RNA and trace RNA detection


1. RNase free ddH2O: 1.25 ml×2

2. 2× One Step Probe Mix:  1.25 ml×2

3. One Step Probe Enzyme Mix: 250 μl

4. 50× ROX Reference Dye 1: 100 μl

5. 50× ROX Reference Dye 2: 100 μl

At -20°C for one years

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