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Special Products

Molecular Biology
Product Name
Cat. #
2× LiSparkTM Ultra SuFi PCR Master Mix (+Dye)M0031-011 ml
LiCloneTM One Step DNA Assembly KitM0010-2525 rxn
LiPureTM Endotoxin-Free Plasmid Mini KitM001750 rxn
LiPureTM Gel Extraction KitM0035-0550 rxn
LiQuantTM Universal Green qPCR Master MixM0016-05500 rxn$199$169
LiQuantTM NGS dsDNA Assay KitM0066500 rxn
LiGreenTM Ultra Nucleic Acid Gel StainM0051500 μl
Cell Biology
Product Name
Cat. #
LiFect293TM Transfection ReagentM0002-011 ml
Lentivirus Packaging KitM004010 rxn
SuperLuminTM Dual Luciferase Assay KitM0063100 T
IntactProteinTM Cell Lysis KitC011150 ml$149$129
LiFluorTM Bacteria Cell Viability KitC00281000 rxn$199$179
TUNEL Chromogenic Apoptosis Detection KitC003650 rxn

Free Products

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Product NameCat. #FeaturesRequest
LiDirectTM Lightning Genotyping KitM0015Fast, simple, robustFree Product
2× LiTaqTM Plus PCR Master Mix (+Dye)M0025Fast, high fidelity, high yieldFree Product
2× LiSparkTM Ultra SuFi PCR Master MixM0031Super fidelity, cost-effectiveFree Product
LiCloneTM One Step DNA Assembly KitM0010One-step cloningFree Product
LiQuantTM Universal Green qPCR Master MixM0016High sensitivity, High specificity, High reliability
Free Product
LiScriptTM Fast RT Master Mix (+gDNA wiper)M0039Fast, High sensitivity, High efficiency
Free Product
LiPureTM Endotoxin-Free Plasmid Mini KitM0017Fast, High yield, Endotoxin-freeFree Product
GreenFectTM Transfection ReagentM0004Difficult-to-transfect cellsFree Product
LiGreenTM Ultra Nucleic Acid Gel StainM0051Ultra sensitivity, non-cytotoxicFree Product
SuperECLTM Plus Western Blotting Detection KitM0053High femtogramFree Product

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