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Special Services

Gene Synthesis (Cat. #: S0012)
Gene Length
Starting Price (USD)*
Turnaround Time**
$120/gene $99
10-12 business days
$0.20/bp  $0.16
10-12 business days
$0.22/bp  $0.1812-15 business days
Gene Fragments (Cat. #: S0011)
Gene Length
Turnaround Time*
Amount (ng)
Price (USD)
150bp-500bp5-8 business days
500$69  $45
5-8 business days
500$99  $79
6-9 business days500$109  $99
6-9 business days500$149  $129
1251bp-1500bp6-9 business days
500$179  $159
7-10 business days
500$219  $189
7-10 business days500$249  $229

Customer Testimonials

"Our lab started to use the high-quality services from LifeSct, including the gene synthesis and the gene fragments since 2017. We are always happy with the great quality of the services, the reasonable price, the prompt shipment and the good communication from LifeSct. More impressively, your LiTaqTM PCR Master Mix is robust and cost-effective. Thanks for continuing to produce great products and provide excellent services!"

------ NIH/NICHD, Dr. Chune Cao, Lab manager

Quote Forms

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Molecular Biology

Mutagenesis quotation form
PCR cloning quotation form
Plasmid preparation quotation form

Synthetic Biology

Oligo synthesis quotation form
Gene fragments quotation form
Gene synthesis quotation form
Peptide synthesis quotation form
Virus Packaging
Virus packaging quotation form


DNA-Seq quotation form
RNA-Seq quotation form
Sample Preparation Guide
CRISPR/Cas9 quotation form

Proteomic Services

Protein expression quotation form
Protein analysis quotation form

Order Services, Get Free Products

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Product Name
Cat. #
LiDirect™ Lightning Genotyping KitM0015400 rxn
$139 Free Product
2× LiTaq™ Plus PCR Master Mix (+Dye)M00255 ml
$99 Free Product
2× LiSpark™ Ultra SuFi PCR Master MixM00311 ml$129Free Product
LiQuant™ Universal Green qPCR Master MixM0016125 rxn$99Free Product
LiScript™ Fast RT Master MixM003850 rxn$149Free Product
LiPure™ Plasmid Mini KitM003750 rxn$69Free Product
LiPure™ Gel Extraction KitM003550 rxn$79Free Product
LiGreen™ Plus Nucleic Acid Gel StainM0050500 µl
$119Free Product
100 bp DNA LadderM00421 ml
$99Free Product
IntactProtein™ Cell-Tissue Lysis KitC011150 ml$149Free Product
PeneFect™ Transfection ReagentM00014×100 µl$79Free Product
SuperECL™ Western Blotting Detection KitM00132×50 ml$149Free Product

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