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Key Features:  • All-in-one formula: No protease/PTM inhibitors needed; no sonication required.    • Ready-to-use protocol: Simply mix Reagents A&B; extraction in as little as 15 m..
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Key Features: • Exceptional high titers of virus production   • Equally good for very long DNAs (up to 180 kb)   • Equally good for suspension 293 cells (e.g., 293F, 293H, etc..
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Key Features: 1. Safer than EB. Shown by Ames test and other tests to be non-mutagentic and non-cytotoxic.2. Stable at room temperature.3. Compatible with standard blue LED and UV trans..
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Key Features: • PCR products can be directly used for cloning into T-Vectors as most PCR products amplified with Taq DNA polymerase have one A at the 3'-terminus.   • Very low cos..
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Key Features:  • High specificity: High efficiency Taq antibodies and optimized buffer system greatly reduce the formation of primer dimers.   • Super stable: The performance..
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Key Features:  • Rapid genomic DNA deletion: With the gDNA Eraser, it takes only 2 minutes to remove genomic DNA. • Rapid reverse transcription: It takes only 15 minutes to obtain the first s..
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