LiPure™ Plasmid Mini Kit (200 rxn)

LiPure™ Plasmid Mini Kit (200 rxn)

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Key Features:  

• Rapid: Purification of plasmid DNA in less than 30 minutes.

• Safe: No Phenol/chloroform extractions.

• High-quality: DNA is suitable for a variety of downstream applications.

LiPureTM Plasmid Mini Kit is designed to isolate up to 30 µg of high-quality plasmid DNA from 1-6 ml bacterial cultures in less than 30 minutes. Plasmid DNA purification follows the alkaline-lysis method and is simplified with Spin Column technology into three quick steps: Bind, Wash, and Elute. Purified plasmid DNA is immediately ready for a wide variety of downstream applications such as routine screening, restriction enzyme digestion, transformation, PCR and DNA sequencing.
Technical Specifications:

• Applications: Plasimd DNA isolation from 1-6 ml bacterial cultures

• Sample Source: LB or TB culture

• Sample Input: 1-6 ml high-copy plasimd, 10 ml low-copy plasimd

• Elution Volume: 30-100 μl

• Technology: Silica spin column

1. Buffer P1: 60 ml
2. Buffer P2: 60 ml
3. Buffer N3: 80 ml
4. Buffer PW: 2×25 ml
5. Buffer EB: 25 ml
6. RNase A (10mg/ml): 600 µl
7. Mini Column: 200
8. Collection tube (2 ml): 200
Buffer and tube at room temperature (15-30°C);RNase A at -20°C
Other Size:
LiPureTM Plasmid Mini Kit (50 rxn, $69)

Customer Testimonials

"We tested the SuperECL™ Western Blotting Detection Kit sample, and it did work well, same as the Pierce’s one. BTW, your LiPure™ Plasmid Mini Kit works very well, better than others we used. Also I have been trying to convince our purchasing department you are a good supplier to be considered to add to our vendor list.""

------ University of Pittsburgh, Dr. Qingde Wang, PI

"I have tried your LiPure™ Plasmid Mini Kit. The Miniprep kit is easy-to-use. Plasmid DNA purified with this kit is high quality, free of potential interfering reagents, the sequencing result is excellent. We will order the kit to replace our current brand. Thank you for your sample!"

------ NIH/NIDDK, Dr. Min Li, Staff Scientist

Case Study

Table 1
. DNA yield and quality using LiPureTM Plasmid Mini Kit

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