Nucleic Acid Quantitation Kits

Nucleic Acid Quantitation Kits

LiQuant™ DNA/RNA Assay Kits allow precise quantitation of DNA or RNA samples across a wide range of concentrations. Our new LiQuant™ NGS dsDNA assay kits are ideal for quantitating DNA samples in Next Gen Sequencing applications. Unlike absorbance-based nucleic acid quantitation, fluorescence-based DNA or RNA quantitation is highly sensitive and selective for DNA or RNA, and provides more accurate DNA or RNA concentration in the presence of common contaminants, including free nucleotides, protein, detergents and salts.

Key Features

• Higher sensitivity: 100 times more sensitive than NanoDrop.
• Broad dynamic range: over four orders of magnitude.
• More accuracy: unaffected by the presence of proteins, free nucleotides.
• Easy to use: mix-and-read format.
• Instrument compatibility: assay can be performed using a fluorescence plate reader, or a fluorometer such as Qubit®.

Assay KitSensitivityApplication
LiQuant™ dsDNA HS Assay Kit0.2-100 ngdsDNA quantitation of PCR products,
viral DNA and samples for subcloning
LiQuant™ NGS dsDNA Assay Kit0.2-100 ngdsDNA quantitation of DNA samples for
Next Generation Sequencing
LiQuant™ dsDNA BR Assay Kit2-1000 ngdsDNA quantitation of genomic and
miniprep DNA samples
LiQuant™ ssDNA Assay Kit1-200 ngssDNA quantitation of oligo, primers,
denatured DNA, PCR products
LiQuant™ RNA HS Assay Kit5-100 ngRNA quantitation of samples for microarray,
RT-PCR, and Northern blot procedures
LiQuant™ RNA BR Assay Kit2-1000 ngRNA quantitation of samples for microarray,
RT-PCR, and Northern blot procedures

Case Study

LiQuant™ DNA Assay Kits exhibit excellent selectivity for DNA, even in the presence of an equal mass of RNA (Left figure); LiQuant™ DNA Quantitation Kits show superior accuracy for detecting dsDNA compared with NanoDrop, especially at relatively low DNA concentrations (Right figure).

Product Name
Cat. #
LiQuant™ dsDNA HS Assay KitM00651000 rxn$299
LiQuant™ NGS dsDNA Assay KitM0066500 rxn$249
LiQuant™ dsDNA BR Assay KitM00641000 rxn
LiQuant™ ssDNA Assay KitM00671000 rxn$299
LiQuant™ RNA HS Assay KitM00691000 rxn
LiQuant™ RNA BR Assay KitM00681000 rxn$299

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